Due to COVID-19, we had to adjust our timetable temporarily. Here is the list of the current courses:

Adult classes 15 years +

Monday        6.30-8.00          Over 35’s                              Sth Sydney PCYC
Monday        7.00-8.30          General Training                UNSW Gym
Tuesday        6.30-8.00pm    Technique Easts                 PCYC
Wednesday  7.00-8.30          General Training                UNSW Gym
Thursday      6.30-8.00         Technique Easts                  PCYC
Friday            7.00-8.30         General Training                 UNSW Gym
Saturday       3.30-5.00         Fitness & Technical drills
Sunday.         9.00-10.00am (Ne Waza)                            UNSW Gym

For Kids Classes times and dates please refer to the Kids Judo brochure in the Kids judo section.

Please note that session times may occasionally change. You can get up to date information by contacting us or checking our Facebook page.

Beginner Courses | Enrol | Video

If you are entirely new to judo, or did a bit as a kid and you would like to give it another try, our beginner courses are right for you. Please read more about our beginner courses and sign up to get started. Yellow and Orange belts can also attend these sessions.

Technique Sessions | Video

These are aimed at players wishing to advance their technical ability and are suitable for beginners at completion of the introductory course. In these classes you will:

  • Develop basic judo skills
  • Learn new throwing techniques
  • Practice techniques against other players
  • Prepare for advancing to the next judo belt. These sessions are suitable for beginner and intermediate players.

Session times: Tuesday at 4:30pm, Thursday 5:30pm and Saturday at 9am.

Advanced Training Sessions | Video

This session involves:

  • Judo oriented fitness drills
  • Technical drills
  • Opportunity to practice advanced competition techniques
  • Has a high component of randori

These sessions are suitable for intermediate and advanced players. You should have achieved at least an orange belt in judo and have a reasonable level of fitness.

This is a popular session for senior graded and competitive players, and international visitors wishing to do some judo while in Australia.


Ne Waza Session | Video

Once a week we have a dedicated session to improving ground techniques through instruction, drill and free practice. You will learn new submission techniques and how to use them both starting from the ground and in transition from throws.

This session is suitable for intermediate and advanced players.

Session times: Sunday at 9am.