Modern sprung floor training facility

The club has recently rebuilt the sprung floor of the judo club for improved performance making this one of the most modern judo facilities in the country.

  • We train on a 160m2 mat area
  • A sprung floor means safer and more comfortable falling
  • Heavier safety mats are used in throwing practice to further reduce the impact of falling

Training sessions at the club may also involve use of other fitness equipment such as:

  • Medicine balls and swiss balls
  • Overhead pullup bars
  • Other technical equipment

Training sessions are gauged to suit the type of session and the participants. You are free to ask any of the instructors about use of such equipment in our training sessions.

Gym facilities

We are situated within the UNSW Fitness and Aquatic centre which has:

  • A full gym
  • A pool
  • Other health and lifestyle facilities

You can find more information about the range of services offered by the centre by visiting the UNSW Fitness and Aquatic centre website. Please note that this is separately run from the UNSW Judo Club and we are unable to provide any specific information about gym services.