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Judo for Beginners

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Judo is a dynamic sport involving lots of spectacular throws. For many people, it is a daunting prospect to step onto the mat and have a go, particularly for those who have not played a lot of other sports.

At UNSW Judo Club we run beginner courses, especially for those who have never tried judo or even any sport before. You can also turn up to one of our regular training sessions to see what judo is like or to join in the session.

Want to Start Right Now?

Enrol in a course now if you are interested in trying judo but have never done it before or have done a little bit as a kid. Download a course guide or contact us for more information about our courses.

When you come to training wear track pants and a loose-fitting t-shirt and bring a full water bottle for drink breaks. You will also need to remove any jewellery and your wristwatch.

Beginner Courses

Over just a few weeks you will learn and practice safe falling techniques that will allow you to land safely after being thrown. You will be throwing people and being thrown in your first class. You will be surprised how quickly you become comfortable with this and improve your throwing and falling skills.

Safety is important in any sport and in our judo training, we make use of safety equipment to minimise risks of injury. We train in a room with a sprung floor and use gymnastic “crash mats” for landing when you are first learning to throw and be thrown. We also teach you how to protect your training partner when you are throwing them as well as how to protect yourself when being thrown.

After completing the beginner’s course you can continue to training in any of our technical classes suitable for beginners. These run several times a week. You can also purchase a judo suit through the club, which you will need if you wish to continue training at the end of the course.

As part of our weekly training schedule, we run sessions for advanced and competitive players. After a few months of training in the technical classes, a new player will be ready to attend the advanced sessions if they wish.

To find out when the next beginner course is running or enrol now online check the enrolment page, or you can download a course guide.

Click here to see what to do once you have completed a beginners course.